Our Earliest Review?

In 1921, what may be the earliest-ever review of a SGFA exhibition was published in American Art News

Society of Graphic Art’s Exhibition

The Society of Graphic Art*, under the presidency of Frank Brangwyn, is holding its first exhibition at the Suffolk St. Galleries, which from its quality and general promise has aroused great hopes for its future. There is no possibility of camouflaging, in black-and-white, inferiority of draughtsmanship of the kind that in paints often masquerades as competence. One must be able to draw with mastery if one is successfully to challenge criticism in pen-and-ink, charcoal, wood-cut and litho-graph, and this is what the majority of the members triumphantly testify their ability to do. Among so many distinguished names as appear in the catalog, it is difficult to select those most worthy of attention; suffice it to say that Brangwyn amply justifies by his exhibit his right to the presidency, sending two contributions which demonstrate his absolute mastery in the massing of figures and in simple, straightforward delineation. The section devoted to cartoons and caricatures shows that the modern designer is well able to hold his own with the draughtsmen of the past who have made their names in this department of graphic art. “Punch,” which made the name of so many artists of various types, is as well served as ever it was. Names like those of H. M. Brock, Gunning King, E. T. Reed and F. H. Townsend demonstrate the fact that there is on the whole little decline in the mastery of the artist in black-and-white since the days when Du Maurier and Leech raised it to its XIX century, pinnacle of excellence.

Extract from American Art News January 1921

American Art News, Vol. 19, no. 15Reviewed work(s):Source: American Art News, Vol. 19, No. 15 (Jan. 22, 1921), pp. 1-8Published by:Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/25589744 .

Courtesy of JSTOR

* note: The Society’s name was changed in 1988 to The Society of Graphic Fine Art

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