Image of the Month – Paddy and Judith’s Mulberry Tree by Myrtle Pizzey SGFA

Over the years the tree has split and has been carefully braced.

Paddy and Judith’s Mulberry Tree by Myrtle Pizzey SGFA was one of the striking monochrome drawings in DRAW 12. A printmaker who trained as a painter, Myrtle works from direct observation. Here she explains how her powerful drawing came about (for a closer look, click on the image).

“My work is inspired by the Somerset Levels, as my home and studio are based there.

“Trees are a recurring theme of mine, and when a friend moved to a house with a 200 year old mulberry tree in the garden it became compelling subject matter.

“I am told that 15 such trees were planted in and around the city of Wells with the idea of feeding the silk worm. Unfortunately the wrong sort of trees was planted and the idea never reached fruition.

Paddy's and Judith's Mulberry Tree (top row, second from right) and Antonia Seated (top right)

Paddy’s and Judith’s Mulberry Tree (top row, second from right)

“This tree has an animation and over the years it has split and been carefully braced, its animation transcends its botanical form, and can easily be related to the human form, and feeds directly through my understanding into the drawing and subsequently on into a relief print. The original drawing is in charcoal pencil on Fabriano 5 paper, a smooth paper I more regularly use to print on.

“Artists continually seek concepts which match their interests and abilities, and I would offer this image as an example of experience, media and subject matter evolving into outcome.”

Antonia Seated II by Ed Relph SGFA

Antonia Seaated II by Ed Relph ASGFA

Editor’s note: Sometimes in an exhibition like DRAW 12 two works of art with completely different subjects created by two different artists turn out to have a certain visual energy in common. Antonia Seated II by Ed Relph ASGFA was hung next to Paddy and Judith’s Mulberry Tree. You can see it in the gallery shot above. It’s the far right artwork in the top row. Both drawings are executed in charcoal. One could say that the powerful animated form of Myrtle’s tree is almost human, and that the flowing lines and lights and darks of Ed’s nude might have arisen from forces of nature.

For more about Myrtle Pizzey and her art, please visit her web site

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