Image of the Month – Excalibur (The Lady of the Lake) by David Brooke PPSGFA

Excalibur (The Lady of the Lake) by David Brooke PPSGFA
Berol Karisma coloured pencil on blue Canford card

“I’ve always had an interest in myths and legends. But when I’m producing a painting or drawing I usually embellish and adapt the myth with my own ideas and imagination.

Excalibur (The Lady of the Lake) was part of a series of paintings and drawings for “In the Footsteps of Gods and Heroes”, an exhibition of my mythological pictures at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth in 2012. This one-man show was designed to coincide with and compliment a touring exhibition of paintings by the 19th century painter and sculptor Frederic, Lord Leighton which were on show at the gallery at the same time.

This picture is intended to be slightly ambiguous, as it could depict either the beginning or end of the Arthurian legend. The figure in the trees on the bank could be taken as the young King Arthur being shown the sword Excalibur for the first time by the Lady of the Lake, or he could be Sir Bedevere just as he returned Excalibur to the lake after the battle of Camlan.

Editor’s note: David shares a studio in Bridport, Dorset with his partner and fellow SGFA member Caroline Ireland. Their two-person exhibition at Le Vieux Four, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3DZ is on until 31st March 2013.

David was born in Somerset and attended Yeovil School of Art and Hull College of Art, where he gained a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. He is a Past President and past Hon. Treasurer of the Society of Graphic Fine Art. He is also a member of and regularly exhibits with the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, the Society for Art of Imagination and the Bath Society of Artists. For three years David was the Arts and Administration Manager of the Yeovil Arts Centre, and for four years he was employed by the Octagon Theatre, Yeovil, as their Visual Arts Co-ordinator.

For more information about David Brooke’s artwork see his Facebook page here. And to read an interview with David by Gil Dekel PhD visit the Poetic Mind web site here.

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