Image of the Month – Hannah by Keith Kennedy Hon SGFA

Hannah by Keith Manning Kennedy Hon SGFA

Hannah by Keith Manning Kennedy Hon SGFA
Pen and sepia ink

“Life drawing was part of art school life, and as I spent 11 years as an art student at my parents’ and tax-payers’ expense, I had time to get used to it —  even though for the first two years I was too young to be allowed in the life room.

SGFA Journal - Tali by KeithManningKennedy HonSGFA

Ballpoint pen

I was born in Ewhurst, Surrey in 1941, which was then a small remote village, the noisiest traffic being German bombers overhead enroute for London. I studied at Reigate and Redhill School of Art & Craft, and at West Sussex College of Art & Design.

I also studied at the Royal Academy Schools, where I remember in the life studio we were persuaded to develop a searching and selective eye, and to let creativity look after itself.

Searching’ and ‘selective’ I can aim at, but ‘creativity’ has always been a bit of a mystery to me.

Model in Rattan Chair
Ballpoint pen

Since graduating I have developed a bit of a talent for teaching, and have possibly affected the education of generations of art students. Which I guess is a creative way to pass on some of the know-how that I have soaked up over the years. Latterly, I simply share my enthusiasms for watercolour on a Monday morning with a group of adult education students. I am also a regular at a Saturday three-hour evening life group where we have three-week poses, which allows for some more in-depth study in drawing or painting.

Not being familiar with fame or fortune, I am proud to boast inclusion in both the Compendium of Watercolour Techniques and The New Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques.

The former considers me to be a noteworthy exponent of ‘negative space’, so I’m hoping for a positive future.”

SGFA Journal - Self by Keith Manning Kennedy Hon SGFA copyEditor’s note: Keith Kennedy Hon SGFA is the Society’s newest Honourary Member. Keith joined the SGFA in 1998, was elected a full member in 2002 and went on to distinguish himself as a member of the Council, latterly serving as joint Vice President. It was Keith who worked with web designers to lead the SGFA into the digital age with the launch of its own web site, and today he remains Web Master.

Keith’s eye for drawing that communicates with the viewer, and his ability to bring out the best in each artist regardless of his or her level of skill, are just two characteristics that have won the respect and admiration of students and colleagues through the years.

Keith is also passionate about drawing from life. For more information about Keith’s life drawing group, please follow this link

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4 Responses to Image of the Month – Hannah by Keith Kennedy Hon SGFA

  1. Susan Poole says:

    These are such beautiful drawings!

  2. Thank you Cynthia, I am flattered to be promoted in such a fashion

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