Artist’s Proof – Master printer Stanley Jones MBE and the Curwen Studio

In our occasional series Artist’s Proof we publish stories about printmaking and the work of the Society’s printmaker members.  Today we bring you a fascinating broadcast originally aired on BBC Radio 4 two years ago this month. In The Print Master producer Sarah Jane Hall follows presenter and artist Susan Aldworth to the Curwen Studio near Cambridge during her stint as Artist in Residence. Susan is initiated in the art of lithography by the print master himself, Stanley Jones, who helped to set up the studio in the 1950s and whose clients “read like a roll-call of the 20th century’s great British artists”. Click on the image below to go to the BBC Radio 4 web site and have a listen. And if you’d like to learn more about the Curwen Studio you can visit their web site here

Susan Aldworth is Senior Research Associate at Swansea Metropolitan University and a part time lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts. Susan is currently Artist in Residence at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University, where she developed and curated the acclaimed exhibition Reassembling the Self at Hatton Gallery and Vane in 2012. For more about Susan and her work please visit her web site

Photo courtesy of BBC Radio 4

Photo courtesy of BBC Radio 4

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