Image of the Month – The Energy Series by Christine Hopkins SGFA

Wylfa 1 Monoprint with drypoint

Wylfa 1
Monoprint with drypoint

“Winter rain, floods and rising oceans have been much on my mind.

This led me to explore the landscape settings of power generation facilities in the UK. They’re often only a few feet above sea level, in vulnerable positions and taken for granted, yet we depend on them to function uninterrupted, no matter what happens.

Sizewell 1 Monoprint with drypoint etching

Sizewell 1
Monoprint with drypoint etching

Man-made structures feature significantly in all my work. I am drawn to their solidity and strength and the way they can dominate a landscape. So in this series of prints my interests intersect. 

SGFA Journal - Dungeness 1 by Christine Hopkins SGFAThe prints are small– the A4 printing plate is dictated by the size of my press — and combine drypoint with monoprint. Each plate has a drawing, which when printed will always occupy the same place on the paper. But when layers of colour are added in the form of rolled, offset or brushed inks, each print becomes unique, one of a series rather than an edition.  Plans to extend the series are well under way.”

Editor’s note: The Energy Series is on show at Cranleigh Arts Centre, 1 High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8AS until 29th March 2014 as part of an exhibition by Ochre Print Studio.

Profile of the artist

SGFA Journal - Christine Hopkins SGFA with the Energy Series photo by K Munck

Photo courtesy of Karen Munck SGFA

“At the age of 13, pressed to choose between Latin and Art, I was overcome by the lure of a dead language. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the timetable which meant that art happened on a Friday afternoon, and non-artists were allowed to go home after lunch. Subsequent curriculum choices and a BA in Geography gave me the opportunity to draw lots of maps and diagrams, and colouring-in was my forte. But there was always that nagging voice in my head telling me that it was never too late to make amends, and after career and child-rearing I took the plunge into a ‘watercolour for beginners’ course, and some 20 years later I have a second life with the SGFA.

“Developing printmaking skills at Ochre Print Studio became my art-college substitute. As I worked with talented professionals, feasting on their knowledge and absorbing creativity with every visit, printmaking quickly became my addiction of choice.”

For more about Christine and her art please visit her web site at

Ochre Print Studio is an open access studio in Guildford, Surrey. You can find more on their web site here

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Artist: I draw. Land planner: I was. Urban Sketcher: I am. SocietyofGraphicFineArt - The Drawing Society: I belong.
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5 Responses to Image of the Month – The Energy Series by Christine Hopkins SGFA

  1. Annie Ridd says:

    Christine , I love this new series of works looking forward to see the real thing….

    Annie Ridd Sgfa

  2. Hi Annie, thanks for the comment. If you can get to Cranleigh Arts Centre before 29th March, these three prints are on display there.

  3. Reblogged this on theskylightstudio and commented:
    Lovely to see my work featured on the SGFA blog!

  4. Jo Hall says:

    I particularly like the juxtaposition of the concepts of power and vulnerability. All our constructions are at the mercy of the elements. Great sense of colour too, the steely greys and blues contrasting with coppery browns.

  5. Cy says:

    This series appeals on so many levels — subject matter, technique, the concept behind it. I look forward to the next prints in the series!

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