Image of the Month – Clare Williams ASGFA

"Carpet of Leaves", watercolour on paper, Clare Williams ASGFA.

“Carpet of Leaves”, watercolour on paper, Clare Williams BA, ASGFA, AssocSBA, SFP.

Carpet of Leaves was inspired on a beautiful Autumn day. I was walking my dog in Kelsey Park, Beckenham when I was struck by the beauty of the carpet. The leaves were every shape and colour and they covered the entire floor  of the park. I did some quick sketches and took photographs before I did my watercolour painting as I knew the leaves would soon change colour.

I work mainly in watercolour and graphite, but I also enjoy many aspects of printmaking and photography. I have just moved to the beautiful Wye Valley , brought my children back to my homeland. I get excited here everyday doing the school run as we spot the birds of prey and amazing wildlife and views at every turn! There is obviously a lot of inspiration for my love of botanicals and nature.

Profile of the Artist: Clare Williams, BA, ASGFA, AssocSBA, SFP.

Clare’s botanical interest is life long. Growing up in North Wales Clare’s childhood was filled with mountains, flora and fauna. Her grandmother inspired her deep love of flowers. Clare left Wales at 18 and studied under Peter Prendergast before completing her BA in Visual Arts at Cheltenham College.

Living in Kent for many years Clare explored the flowers and vegetables of Hampton Court Castle, Kew and Wisley. In her Botanical art she has travelled and studied plants in places as varied as Trinidad, the Cayman Islands and Tuscany. The artists Maria Sibylla Merian, Marianne North, Rory McEwen and Rosie Sanders have been great inspirations to her.

In 2015 Clare was made an Associate of the Society of Botanical Art (SBA) and exhibited in Westminster Central Hall with them. Clare was made an Associate of the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 2013.

“Carpet of Leaves ” will be showing at “Drawn Together”, at Bankside Gallery later this month.

For more information about Clare Williams please see

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2 Responses to Image of the Month – Clare Williams ASGFA

  1. Bob Ballard says:

    Among other things, a wonderful pattern, Clare. And only those who struggle with that hardest of mediums, watercolour, will note how you retained so much of the all important white paper as a “reserve”, as Cezanne called it..

  2. Sublime artistry and lovely post too, great work and share, thank you, regards, Barry

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