Image of the Month: The Gaze of the Green Man by Lois Cordelia ASGFA

"Gaze of the Green Man", Scalpel paper-cut, 50 x 40cm, Lois Cordelia ASGFA

“Gaze of the Green Man”, Scalpel paper-cut, 50 x 40cm, Lois Cordelia ASGFA

This scalpel paper-cut design features my reinterpretation of an ancient symbol of Nature, the Green Man, combining references also to another ancient ‘green man’: the legendary archer, outcast, and liberator of the poor and oppressed, Robin Hood, who is often likewise linked symbolically with Nature. The face turns to look away from the viewer with a poignant, wistful expression, rather than directly at the viewer with a level gaze, as the Green Man is traditionally depicted.

The crown of thorns hints at Christ’s suffering, suggesting how biodiversity is destroyed and crucified by humankind. The spider’s web hints at the fragile interconnectedness. Numerous native plant species evoke various aspects of Nature: strength, endurance, beauty, fertility, toxicity. A dandelion clock implies transience, and perhaps the running out of time, but also proliferation. A butterfly suggests rebirth.

Profile of the Artist: Lois Cordelia ASGFA

Lois Coredlia ASGFABorn in 1982 in Ipswich, Lois Cordelia is a prolific artist and illustrator in cut-paper, acrylics and mixed media. She works in diverse styles, ranging from intricate scalpel paper-cut designs to bold and energetic acrylic paintings. Lois took art to A-Level and in 1999 began working as a studio assistant to artist and illustrator Jan Pienkowski which proved a rewarding ‘apprenticeship’ to a master of drawing, graphics, and design. In 2006, Lois graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First Class Honours degree in Arabic. The effortless beauty and cascading rhythmic line of Arabic script have been another major influence in her artwork. Her intricate paper-cuts have been featured in the ‘BirdBook‘ series (Sidekick Books, 2011, 2012, 2015 and ongoing) and  the German anthology ‘SternenBlick‘ (2015).

After being encouraged by Chris Forsey RI SGFA, Lois applied to the SGFA. She was elected an associate member of the SGFA in May 2015.

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