Image of the Month: Mask by Harriet Brigdale SGFA

"Mask 2", Harriet Brigdale SGFA

“Mask 1”, Harriet Brigdale SGFA

I have always been interested in masks and very interested in signs and symbols and their meanings.  Also I am so interested in the reasons for wearing a mask, a place to hide or is it the pretend you are someone else, a God or a devil ?  The masks are also stunning without the wearer, hinting at past events, and forever locked behind glass in an museum.

I have used a 19th century Ngil mask from Gabon as the basis of the first image and I used a pattern from a Pongo Barkcloth from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a lot of symbols that float about in my head , I loved some of the images of the Ice Age exhibition in the British Museum a few years ago, all filed away for future use.

"Mask 2", Harriet Brigdale SGFA

“Mask 2”, Harriet Brigdale SGFA

Drawing the second mask I used lots of different face shapes and symbols and created my own mask, again I used ink, gold pigment which I mixed with Nori glue, Sumi paper and silver felt tip pens.
I use Arches Not paper, it’s a high sized paper I love drawing lines with a pen and Senellier  black ink, this ink is water soluble when wet, but becomes waterproof within a few minutes.

Profile of the Artist: Harriet Brigdale SGFA

IMG_0528Harriet Brigdale was born in Holland where she attended a Steiner school in The Hague.  She moved to England to attend the Chelsea School of and and London College of Printing. For the past 29 years Harriet has been a full time artist printmaker and teacher, producing card designs for Aries Design, Gordon Fraser, Two Bad Mice and others. Her previous exhibitions have been include the Gallery Graffiti, Business Art at the Royal Academy and Amalgem in Barnes. Harriet’s interests centre on drawing, printmaking, mixed media, quilting, watercolours, oils and pastels. Her etchings have been sold in galleries in the UK, US, Japan and Australia.


avitarCharlie Kirkham SGFA is Editor of the Society of Graphic Fine Art Journal and a contributing writer. Charlie’s studio is based in London where she draws and paints. For more information please see

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3 Responses to Image of the Month: Mask by Harriet Brigdale SGFA

  1. Jo Hall says:

    Loved Harriet’s sensitive line drawing and delicate wash like use of the other materials to complement the lines of her imaginative masks.

  2. Sally Friend says:

    Lovely work Harriet. I’m into masks as well. Sally

  3. Melissa says:

    The masks are beautiful but I adore that baby elephant.

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