Stepping into Another Dimension

By Jackie Devereux PSGFA


‘Out of the Box, floral’ 75x50cm 3D Watercolour

My work is constantly evolving I work mainly in watercolour on a large scale, but also use line & wash.  Whilst developing a new series  I am literally taking ideas for a walk into another dimension. My work has sometimes involved trimming, although I usually work to the entire sheet size as a sort of challenge. However, trimming does have its fun moments, for example when the paper curls automatically as the rotary blade splices along. This effect is maximized when the trim is very fine, the finer, the curlier!

I enjoy creating a drawing or painting and then  folding, scoring, tearing, rolling, trimming and embossing, re-arranging certain elements and turning it on its head or inside out. This is a whole other way of seeing. Challenging the conventions of composition and framing is an important part of the journey. Sometimes the starting point for a piece of work is actually the frame, setting the stage so to speak.

‘Venice reconstructed’ 50x50cm, 3D Indian ink & wash/collage

‘Venice reconstructed’ 50x50cm, 3D Indian ink & wash/collage

The direction an idea takes depends upon a number of  things. My library of sketchbooks  provides the backbone for my work.  The end result may be quite minimalist, although the exploration of an idea can be complex and can take quite some time. Imagination and experimenting with tools and materials are all vital. Sometimes there is no definitive plan, it is an organic process. The negative space is as important as the marks made and anything can change in the process.


‘After the Storm’ 50x50cm, 3D Indian ink & wash/collage

Originally ideas stemmed from a love of the paper itself its pliability, texture and tones. Feeling the need to move ‘out of the box’ away from the confines of cut mounts and borders, I developed some pieces titled “Out of the Box”. I threaded the paper through cuts in the backgrounds, and then had the frame’s glass cut so that gaps could be left for the paper to fall out of the frames.




Editor’s Note

Jackie Devereux President SGFA is a professional artist and experienced tutor. She was elected as President of the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 2015. Her work features in international collections and Jackie has travelled the globe sketchbook in hand creating work. Jackie regularly participates Waterperry House’s “Art in Action” which will be held over four days this year from the 16-19 July 2016.


For more information:


"The Artist", July 2016

“The Artist”, July 2016

This article is adapted from an article originally written for “The Artist” magazine, published in the July 2016 issue. 

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4 Responses to Stepping into Another Dimension

  1. Ann Ridd says:

    Beautiful work …I love the sensitivity of the media combined with the vibrant colours. Always exciting !

  2. brigdale says:

    Gorgeous images thank you Jackie, thank you Charlie

  3. Josie Thomas says:

    I’ve seen your work at Art in Action and once did a watercolour workshop with you there. It’s wonderful to see these new pieces. I especially like “After the storm”. Your work is always totally authentic and evolving. Perhaps I’ll see some of your new work at Art in Action in July. The digital image is such a poor imitation of the real thing!

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