Image of the Month: Beasts Above the Sea by Tamlyn Blasdale-Holmes ASGFA


Tamlyn Blasdale-Holmes ASGFA, “Beasts Above the Sea”

“Beasts Above the Sea” is an interpretation of human impact upon nature. It is also a reflection of the chaos we inflict upon ourselves. This piece examines our relationship with the Seas and the seemingly devastating pressures we put upon her.

I first started doodling patterns when I was really small and after a brush with a long dead monk my work started to take on a very intricate style, sometimes likened to the Zoomorphic style. My main body of work is intricate knot work, but I also like to draw people and my work is now blending both of these. I like to challenge people’s perceptions, both with my subject matter and my presentation. My work has a few possibilities when viewing, stand at a distance and it appears to be simply a serene pattern but get closer, very close and all is revealed and sometimes like life,  it’s not all that pretty.

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Profile of the Artist Tamlyn Blasdale-Holmes ASGFA

Tamlyn is a self-taught artists who has walked across Spain.  After working in conservation Tamlyn began to explore human and animal rights through his drawn subject matter. He prefers to work with a 0.5 pencil and a 0.5 ink pen. Tamlyn Holmes was elected to the SGFA in May 2016.


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1 Response to Image of the Month: Beasts Above the Sea by Tamlyn Blasdale-Holmes ASGFA

  1. Jo Hall says:

    A beautiful image of the horrifying prospect of entangled sea creatures. The knotwork seems such a true way to depict what is happening. Thank you Tamlyn.

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