Chris Forsey RI SGFA Interviews Shirley Trevena RI

by Chris Forsey RI SGFA


Chris Forsey with Shirley Trevena

It was a great opportunity for the audience to listen to Shirley Trevena talk about her career in Art and I was lucky enough to get the job of interviewing her. She requested I do it as we have a good rapport and enjoy each others work and she sent me  a copy of her new book ’Shirley Trevena Watercolours’ published by Batsford to read about and digest her career to enable me to ask the right questions. From working in the GLC for Ken Livingstone to a member of the RI is a leap, and she kept us amused and interested in her creative life, what inspires her, how she tackles a painting, her favourite subjects and also her periods of creative block. This is a problem for many busy, successful artists when inspiration and drive seems to be lost and she talked of her problems with it in a very interesting and insightful way.

Her images were projected onto a screen and she described her approach to still life subjects and her working process. She also showed us some of her very early work, painted when she was 8 years old, and  the future Shirley was apparent in her cups and saucer drawings and tea-time paintings , and also her delight in the circus explaining how a yen to perform has always been lurking within!

An interesting afternoon that we all enjoyed, especially the interviewer!

Shirley Trevena, "In the Pink", Watercolour, Oil Pastel & Graphite Pencil 45 x 39 cm

Shirley Trevena, “In the Pink”, Watercolour, Oil Pastel & Graphite Pencil 45 x 39 cm

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