DRAW 14 Artists

Artworks by the 90 professional artists listed below, members and non-members alike, were selected from more than 400 submissions for DRAW 14, the Society’s 93rd Annual Open Exhibition. Remembrance is the optional theme. Our prize selector was the award-winning artist Jeanette Barnes. For details of the exhibition please follow this link http://goo.gl/IDqWVv

6-18th October 2014    Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU.

Andrew Marr, broadcaster and author of A Short Book about Drawing, opened the exhibition and presented £2000 in prizes at the private view on Tuesday 7th October from 6pm. Artists listed below with an asterisk* are this year’s prize winners. Two asterisks indicate double prize winners. For more details please see our DRAW 14 Sponsors and Prize Winners page here 

Dulce et Decorum Est 2 by Karen Munck SGFA Selected for DRAW 14

Dulce et Decorum Est 2 by Karen Munck SGFA
Selected for DRAW 14

A – B
Kay Andrews
Stephen Baker
Bob Ballard
Cynthia Barlow Marrs
Jane Barton
Marie Blake
Claire Botterill
Harriet Brigdale
David Brooke
Tania Busschau
Denise Butler
C – D
Svetlana Cameron
Jean Canter
Anne Carpenter
Rebecca Coleman
Louisa Crispin
Martin Davison
William De Wilde
Jackie Devereux
Helen Dowse
Marlie Dry
Margaret Eggleton
Harriet Evans
F – G
Glenn Fitzpatrick*
Kay Fletcher
Felicity Flutter
Chris Forsey**
Sally Friend*
Michael Gage
Eric Gaskell
Beth  Gibbons
Stephen Gibbs
Lisa Graa Jensen
Ceridwen Jane Gray
H – I
Jo Hall
Barry John Harrison
Pat Harvey
Ken Head
Suzy Herbert
Graham Lewis Heron
David Hinchcliffe
Christine Hopkins
Jill Iliffe
J – K
Maz Jackson
Geraldine Jones
Charlie Kirkham
L – M
Roger Lewis
Pamela Lloyd-Jones
Vincent Matthews*
Elizabeth McCrimmon
Alasdair McMorrine
Alison Milner-Gulland
Pete Monaghan
Sandra Moore
Simon Morriss
Karen Munck
N – P
Archie Niven
Helen A Noyce (Cole)
Vicky Oldfield
Samantha Payne
Sumi Perera*
Myrtle H M Pizzey
Susan Poole*
R – T
Ed Relph
Sue Relph
Annie Ridd*
Clive Riggs
Gordon M Scott
Paul Simmons
Lyndsey Smith
Claire Sparkes**
Stuart Stanley
Barbara Sykes
Matthew Tate
Will Taylor*
W – Y
Jane Walker
Ruth Wallace
Michael Walsh
Alison J Warner
Olive Webb
Jean Whitley-Smyth
Heidi Wigmore
Marion Wilcocks
Patrick G Wilkins
Angela Williams*
Clare Williams
Les Williams
Sally Wilson*
Wendy Winfield*
Lucy Wynne
Sarah Yockney

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