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Image of the Month – Informal Olympics by Bob Ballard SGFA

This picture is like those recipes for rescuing ruined meals (“Begin with burnt chicken…”) because I initially spoiled the blue underpainting of the sky, part of which still remains visible. Bad-temperedly I obliterated it with black, thereby accidentally creating a … Continue reading

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Burn ’em all down

By Bob Ballard SGFA Stumbling from the overcrowded Leonardo da Vinci exhibition into Trafalgar Square the other day, I reflected that we the viewers had been like pigeons pecking around a pavement pizza. There were just too many of us. … Continue reading

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Open-mouthed – The tooth about laughter in art, by Bob Ballard SGFA

In 1859 Henry James undertook a European journey to view the culture of the Continent. According to what he wrote, however, his major preoccupation was constipation.  In 1969 I similarly embarked on a tour of the major galleries of Europe, … Continue reading

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A Bit on the Side

by Bob Ballard SGFA “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear” declared Edmund Burke; but then he was not an artist and had not been arrested outside an art materials … Continue reading

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